The managing committee Khalsa College Society, Amritsar vide Resolution No. 362 dated 08/08/2006 resolved to established Khalsa College of Physical Education at Village Heir, Distt. Amritsar . The committee vide its Resolution No. 381 dated 07/10/2006 resolved to reserve 7.5 Acres of land for this purpose. Keeping in view the revised Norms & Conditions of NRC – NCTE of the requirement of atleast 8 Acres of land. The managing Committee vide its Resolution No. 88 dated 24/03/08 again revised the resolution No. 381 dated 07/10/2006 and reserved 8 Acres of land instead of 7.5 Acres for the establishment of the college.

S. Satyajit Singh Majithia


Khalsa College Charitable Society (KCCS) Amritsar, is successfully running 19 educational institutions including the oldest Sikh institute; Khalsa College, Amritsar. The society is committed to provide value-based, forward-looking, modern education to build a just society. We are soon setting up a Khalsa University, Amritsar, to impart best technical and scientific education to students worldwide.

S. Rajinder Mohan Singh Chinna

(Hon. Secretary)

Khalsa College Charitable Society (KCCS) Amritsar is committed to provide best of the technical and professional education to society and inculcate amongst us message of peaceful co-existence, universal brotherhood as envisaged by Sikh Gurus. We are proud of our oldest Khalsa College and our new institutions. The Khalsa UIniversity has been Set up. Send your children to us as we have build a civilization and will continue doing so.

Dr. Kanwaljeet Singh